Swimming pools and the way in which swimming pools are cared for and maintained have been becoming more technologically savvy in recent years. The swimming pool contractors from Cesar’s Pool Service understand the desire for high tech pool water care tips for their customers and they work with them to incorporate as much high tech, with their water care as is practical.

High tech pool water care tips

If you can imagine something for a pool — whether it’s to turn on lights, the heater, the jets of a hot tub, remove or replace the pool cover and even test the water chemistry, chances are there is an app for that. There are pool water testing apps that allow you to test the water with a “smart strip” then scan the strip with the camera app and it will analyze the water. In many cases, though you will want to resort to good, old-fashioned water testing methods to assure everything is in order and that the chemicals are balanced.

Here are ways in which the pool water is tested to better obtain accurate chemical balance results

  1. The water test strips should be shored in a cool, dry, dark area.
  2. Check the expiration date on the test strips before you use them. If they’re expired you may get “false” results.
  3. You can always take water samples to your pool service contractor and he can test the water in-store for you.
  4. The water should be tested at least two times per week. If you work with a pool contractor, he will test it while he is on site and you will want to test it between service visits.
  5. Don’t add chemicals to the pool water until you have tested it and understand what chemicals need to be added.
  6. Know that it can take a day or more for the chemicals that you’ve added to circulate fully through the water so don’t worry if you test the water immediately and don’t notice a change in the readings.
  7. Don’t rush the testing time of the strips changing color. It can take up to 25 seconds for the strip colors to fully change. But, don’t dip the strip then walk away and come back an hour later as this will not give you an accurate reading, either.
  8. Add pool chemicals — especially chlorine — after the sun goes down. If you add it in the heat of the day, it will burn off and won’t be as effective as it should be and you also don’t want to swim with freshly added chlorine in the water; give it time to circulate and add at the end of the day.

Caring for a swimming pool is certainly a do-it-yourself project but if you would prefer to simply swim and enjoy time in the pool, give us a call and we can give you an estimate for caring for your family’s swimming pool — it may be less than you think and less than if you try to care for it on your own.