Cesar’s Pool Service contractors offer tips on hiring a pool pro

How to hire a pool service contractor is a question that arises when a family becomes the owner of their own swimming pool. The swimming pool service contractors from Cesar’s Pool Service understand there are questions and concerns, especially if you just don’t know where to turn or what questions to ask a potential swimming pool service contractor.

As soon as you become a swimming pool owner, your home will certainly become the most popular home on the block and that’s why it’s important that the pool water remain clean, clear and bacteria-free. While caring for a swimming pool is a do-it-yourself project for many pool owners, there are those who simply want to enjoy the pool and leave the heavy lifting of pool maintenance and service to a swimming pool service contractor. Ask your friends and you may find they say they spend less money on chemicals if they hire a pro than when they did the pool maintenance themselves.

Keep in mind, too, if you work long hours you may just want to come home from work and jump into the pool — not worry about whether you have to balance the chemicals, vacuum it, skim it and check the pool pump pressure before you can enjoy yourself. Working with a pool service contractor is definitely a time saver and that is another reason many pool owners work with a pool pro. You need to decide for yourself — and your budget of both time and money — which is best for your family.

How to hire a pool service contractor

Pools require almost continual care and maintenance.

  1. A pool service contractor will be on a reliable schedule for caring for your swimming pool. You may need to skim and do a bit of work on your pool between service visits, but it will be minimal.
  2. If you decide to clean and maintain your pool yourself, you will need to invest in all of the chemicals up front and you will also need to find a safe place to store them as they are toxic if ingested.
  3. Your pool contractor will skim debris, he will inspect the pool equipment to assure everything is working correctly. He will check the pressure of the pool pump.
  4. He will backwash the pool filter when necessary.
  5. A pool contractor is experienced in testing the water chemicals and will know immediately if something is not in line. More importantly, he will know which chemicals to add and in what measures to bring the water chemicals back where they belong to keep your water bacteria free and swimmable. Pool chemistry can be confusing to a novice and if the chemicals aren’t properly maintained the pool can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.
  6. Look for a pool service contractor who has experience and who has provided you a list of references you can call upon.
  7. Ask a pool contractor for a detailed service estimate.
  8. Get estimates from more than one pool service contractor. If the prices vary wildly between estimates, contact them and ask for an explanation on differences you note. A difference in price doesn’t need to raise a red flag, but it can mean you’re getting more from one contractor than from another.

Bottom line: You have a pool because you want to swim. You don’t want to spend your free time cleaning the pool you want to spend your free time swimming in it!