The swimming pool service contractors from Cesar’s Pool Service work with pool owners who want to know how to have a green pool without breaking the bank. The idea of going green with pool maintenance and technology is something many people want to pursue simply because they want to move away from using chemicals to keep the swimming pool clean. Many people now understand that swimming in a chemical-filled swimming pool can lead to dry, irritated skin and red eyes or other health issues.

A “green” pool — and we aren’t talking algae filled, here! can be costly to get set up, but may save you money in the long run. What are some items that can help your pool go green?

  1. Using less water
  2. Being diligent in the use of a cover
  3. Using fewer chemicals
  4. Not heating the water as frequently or to as high a temperature
  5. Using green technologies for keeping the water clean and bacteria free

How to have a ‘green’ pool

  • The equipment you use in your swimming pool can lead to the cost of running a swimming pool. If your pool equipment is old, outdated and not operating at peak efficiency, upgrading to newer technologies is one of the first steps you may want to consider in your quest toward a greener pool.
  • Install a salt-chlorine generator. This may cost around $1,500, but you it will pay for itself in not having to use pool chemicals and you will also be moving away from having to use so many chemicals to treat the water. Many pool contractors support the use of new technology to avoid “Chemical soup” and to make the pools safer. Using salt does not mean your backyard pool will take on ocean-like qualities since only one teaspoon of salt is used per gallon of water for your pool. A salt based chlorine system is gentler to the hair, skin and eyes and it is also more gentle on the pool liner – something that could help keep your liner viable for a longer time and at the cost of $3000 to install a new liner, that is a technology worth embracing.
  • Cut back on expenses and go greener by installing a new pumping system. By doing this you could see a decrease in electric bills by close to half. Using new gas heaters and employing geothermal heaters can cut energy usage by up to 80% in some cases. If you live in area of the country where sun is plentiful you might want to consider installing solar heating panels.
  • A variable speed pool pump is more efficient than a single speed pump. If you pool still has a single speed pump, consider upgrading.

Let us know what you’re hopting for with a move toward a greener swimming pool and a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle and let’s see what we can do to help make that a realization.