The autumn months of the year and into winter is when many hot tub owners in Palm Springs, California spend the most time in their hot tubs or spas. The swimming pool and spa service professionals from Cesar’s Pool Service offer money-saving hot tub tips for their customers who want to spend time in the heated water, but don’t want to break the bank.

Money-saving hot tub tips

  1. Make sure your hot tub is well-insulated and that no critters have made homes in the insulation during the off season. When you’re shopping for your hot tub — especially if you’re getting an above ground structure, understand how much insulation is in the surround to protect the shell and keep the heated water, warm. Make certain the hot tub you purchase has an R-factor of at least 40. Ask us how the shell insulation is measured.
  2. Using a cover is one of the best ways to save money on the operating costs of your hot tub. Diligent use of a cover will keep the hot tub water clean and will also trap chemicals and that cuts down on the amount you need to use and slows the rate of evaporation. The cover also traps the heat from the water.
  3. Slow it down: Your pumps don’t need to always operate at top speed, you can run it on a low-speed pump all day long. Specially designed low speed circulation pumps actually operate at a low horsepower and this helps keep your electric bill in line. Ask your builder about how recirculating the heat from the pump can be used to help heat the water – this can extend the life of the pump.
  4. When you need to drain the hot tub — usually every three months — ask us about how to recycle and reuse the water. If you’re going to recycle the water, make certain you don’t add any chemicals to the water before you drain it – for three days prior. In California, reusing water is the environmentally friendly way to go.
  5. If you’re not going to use the hot tub for even a couple days – consider turning the temperature down a few degrees as a way to save money. Consider lowering the water temperature a degree or two when you’re using it — chances are no one will notice and you will save money!

Ask us for other tips about how to save money when operating your hot tub or spa.