Cesar’s Pool Service contractors understand that their customers want to have a beautiful swimming pool ahnd want to have it at a money-saving way — if possible. They explain you can have a beautiful pool, clean water and save money if you have a variable speed pool pump installed. Whether you’re in the midst of a new pool construction project or if you are going to do a pool upgrade or replace equipment, talk with us about the benefits of a variable speed pool pump and how it can save you money.

Save money with a variable speed pool pump

You may not have considered just how many extra bills a swimming pool would bring to your family. From adding water to the pool when it evaporates or gets splashed out, to paying for a pool service contractor or doing the pool maintenance yourself (which means you are spending valuable swim time AND you will have to buy and store all of the pool chemicals) to the sometimes staggering increases in your utility bills. If you didn’t ask a pool contractor for advice on what to potentially expect when you have a new pool constructed, you won’t know how to budget for utility bill increases.

Today’s pools have so many electrical items — fountains, waterfalls, spas, lighting, jets from the hot tub, a heater, etc. that the cost of running the pool can really add up. Did you know, though, that if you are using a single speed pool pump most of the energy spent is on running that pump? It’s true, a single speed pump could lead to a “waste” of as much as 90% of the energy your pool consumes. This is an eye opening amount to many pool owners and they appreciate knowing that if they upgrade from a single speed pump to a variable speed pump they could save money and cut back on energy consumption.

It’s true — a variable speed pump can save you up to 90% on your pool energy operation costs.

A variable speed pump operates at a higher speed when the extra power is needed — when you’re vacuuming the pool for example. The pump operates at a lower speed when the only task being asked of it is to circulate the water through the filter and back into the pool. It makes sense to have a variable speed to take care of tasks at various levels of need and use.

Updating your pool equipment to a variable speed pool pump is one of the best investments you can make in pool upgrades as it will pay for itself in money saved on your electrical bill. In some instances, a variable speed pool pump can pay for itself in fewer than eighteen months.

If you’re looking for ways to make your pool more energy efficient, look into a variable speed pool pump. Ask us for information.