Simple swimming pool maintenance tips shared by the best pro pool service professionals from Cesar’s Pool Service in Palm Springs, California.

Owning a swimming pool can be a daunting, seemingly never-ending task of cleaning, maintenance, chemical testing, adding chemicals… and starting over again! That is why many pool owners in Palm Springs, CA work with a pool service professional. Add to the mic that it can be confusing and sometmies even more costly to take on the pool maintenance on your own and you can see why many of your neighbors have left the pool maintenance to the professionals!

Simple swimming pool maintenance tips

If you’re determined to clean, service and maintain your swimming pool on your own here are tips.

  • ┬áInvest in a pool cover. Diligently using a pool cover reduces overall maintenance costs and the time it takes you. A pool cover will also help you save money on chemicals and heating costs. A cover reduces evaporation and can also act as an additional safety barrier to keep children and pets from falling into the water. If you don’t have a retractable cover you will need somewhere to store it when you’re enjoying the water. Talk to your contractor about storage areas for the cover.
  • Use a waterproof marker and write the operating pressure of the swimming pool filter, on the filter itself. When you notice the pressure changing, that indicates there is an issue with it and it might need to be cleaned.
  • The correct way to vacuum the pool between service visits is to work slowly around the pool or spa. Work down the walls and along the floor. Take your time because if you move quickly you will simply stir up the dirt, making it harder to remove.
  • Invest in a pool water test kit and test the water frequently — daily if you have time.
  • Make sure you run the pool pump for the recommended number of hours to circulate the water properly. Keep in mind that the water should be churned completely every 24 hours.
  • Don’t neglect pool cleaning and maintenance because if algae takes hold, it will liikely require the intervention of a pool service pro and super chlorinating the water to shock it back to being clean enough to swim in.

Talk with us if you want to learn how to clean the pool on your own or if you simply want to know what to do to keep the water as clean as possible between service visits.