Do you use a smartphone? Is your home “smart”? Do you use “smart home” technology to turn on the thermostat, the lights and do you have a home device that allows you to place online orders, make your shopping list and play music at the sound of your voice? If so you may want to upgrade your pool technology to have your pool become a “smart pool.” “Smart” technologies for home and pool take the guess work out of some items, add to the security of your home and allow you to save money by operating thermostats and other items remotely.

Upgrade your pool technology

“Smart” technology can turn the pool heater on, off or up, monitor pool chemicals, open and close the pool cover, turn on the jets for the hot tub, turn the water thermostat up or down and other technology.

You can add a robotic pool cleaner. With this device your pool may not be smarter, but it will be kept cleaner in an easier way. You will turn it on, drop it into the pool and let it do its job. If you have an inhome robotic vacuum you know just how nice it is.

“Smart switches” will require you investing in having the technology installed, but once it’s done you can operate most of the pool from inside the house from your smart phone. You can turn on the lights, open the cover, turn up the heat and much more.

Smart swimming pool monitors allow you to track the pool temperature, whether the pool chemicals are in proper balance and other items — the number of smart pool monitors you can have installed are dependent on the devices you purchase and hook up to your smartphone. Many of these items operate via bluetooth technology which allows you to turn items on and off when you’re not even home.

Do you have a smart pool? Do you want a smart pool? Give us a call and let’s talk about which technolgies you’d like to have installed and let’s get the project started!