When you close your pool for the season, your pool contractor will put on a cover and underneath that cover he will typically use a swimming pool pillow. Why use a swimming pool pillow? To keep the cover from sinking into the pool and to keep the cover semi-elevated to keep the cover from being weighted down with snow or standing water.

Why use a swimming pool pillow

There are benefits to using a swimming pool pillow and your pool contractor from Cesar’s Pool Service can explain that to you if you close your pool for the season. In California, though, not all pools get closed for the season as there isn’t an off season in many areas of the state!

If you close your pool and if your pool contractor recommends a pool air pillow it will be placed under the cover to keep it from lying on top of the water and to help keep it from sinking in if it rains and standing water accumulates. If you don’t use a pool pillow and ice forms, it can expand and push against the sides of the pool and could potentially damage the walls and liner. Simply tossing in pool noodles or gallon milk jugs won’t do the job of an inflatable air pool pillow.

When the air pillow is inflated it will be tossed into the pool and will be secured — on both sides of the pillow to opposite corners of the pool. This will hold it immobile and help it do the job for which it was created — keeping the cover from dropping into the pool water. The pool pillow should be centered in the middle of the pool to evenly distribute any water or snow or ice.

If you close your swimming pool you will want to pay attention to it, especially after a rainfall, to remove standing water from the cover. If you live in an area of the country that sees snow and ice, you will want to remove water when it melts, but you don’t want to try and remove chunks of ice because it could very easily damage the cover.