Why should you work with a pool service contractor? It’s a question that many pool owners ask themselves. After all, caring for a pool can be a do-it-yourself project, of that there is no doubt. The question is, do you want to spend your free time cleaning the pool or do you want to spend your free time swimming and having fun in the pool? We’ll bet you want to do the latter. When you work with the swimming pool service contractors from Cesar’s Pool Service in Palm Springs, CA you get to enjoy the pool instead of cleaning it.

Swimming pools require almost continual attention and care to keep them in top working condition and keep the water free of bacteria. Your pool contractor, in addition to cleaning the pool and its water, will inspect and check pool equipment let you know if they are working properly and any maintenance or replacement needed.

Why should you work with a pool service contractor

If you’re new to pool ownership, or if you don’t have time to adequately clean and maintain the pool, there are issues that could arise and here are a few.

  1. Do your pets swim with you? Dogs in the pool can upset the delicate chemical balance. Your dogs can join you, if they enjoy it, just make sure you tell your pool contractor so he can make adjustments to pool chemistry. Clean the skimmer basket after the dog gets out of the pool.
  2. Do you treat your pool like a water park? The more people who use the pool, the more chemicals and chlorine your contractor will need to keep everything balanced. If you’re having a pool party, let us know so we can schedule an additional cleaning and to let us know the reason for any potential water chemical disparities.
  3. Not running the pump enough. You’re not saving money in the long run by not running your pool pump frequently enough and long enough. You may save on your utility bills, but it could cost you dollars for the additional chlorine and pool servicing. A pool is made to keep itself clean – if the chemicals are added properly and circulated long enough. The pool pump will keep the pool free of algae and bacteria and will properly circulate the chemicals meant to keep the entire pool clean. Your pool’s pump needs to be run long enough to completely turn the pool water over — that means that every gallon of water will be pulled from the pool, pushed through the filter then pushed back into the pool. You may want to run the pool pump overnight when the cost of utilities is typically less expensive.

Preventative and regular pool maintenance assures your pool operates at its peak efficiency. Proper service and maintenance assures you have a pool that will last you a lifetime.